This happens to be my very pulambal in Word press and I’m starting with a highly negative note.

Part 1: Fellowship of the movies

My friend and myself first planned to go for 3-D epic movie “Avatar” and unfortunately due to some reasons we are not able to get the tickets for Saturday’s morning show. At Saturday evening we made a sudden change of plan to go for Vinnai Thandi Varuvayae on the next day. (Remember next day happens to be sunday)

My sunday started by 1030 and my friend’s sunday started around 1130 and we both settled to watch the noon show of the movie around 1430. Unfortunately this happens to be my friend’s new room and it took me around 1330 to reach his room and we both started the around 1345 and reached the complex around 1400. Not only VV was full house all the other movies showed full house except one that I’ll mention later.

Part 2: The Two Theatres

When we checked for illegal tickets it were around 150 bugs. My friend thought of buying it and I rejected his proposal. Hence we left that complex and went another complex which showed VV to check whether illegal tickets at that complex were around 100 bugs. To our dismay in the counter illegal tickets were sold at 150 and the in the counter they’re issuing tickets for the night show. So we thought of going back to the room and we went to a bus stand waited for bus for some time and none came to take us back to his room.

It was around 1420, when there was a sudden thought of going back to the first complex to check whether the price of illegal ticket has come down. So we retreat ourselves to the first complex. Another dejection awaited for us there even the show for VV is about to begin the price didn’t come down. So with heavy heart we have to abandon VV but this time we don’t want to go back to the room but we wanted to watch some movie in an A/C theatre and spend some time.

Part 3: Return of the Great Mokkai

So, my friend went and stand in the queue for counter which doesn’t show as full house. This was one of the greatest movies that was ever made. This is the movie of “Thambikku Indha Ooru”. Even before we proceeded in the queue, one of the man who used to sell illegal rate sold us the ticket at the same rate as in the counter. We bought it and went to the corresponding theatre. I thought of sleeping through out the movie and my friend, who believes that the victory belongs to the most persevering, decided to watch the movie.

As I went into the theatre my hopes of sleping were dashed as the it was having a DTS system. So, I was hoping that there must be at least some moderate logical and not-bad scenes in the movie. But there was none.  This movies contains the combination of all the  junk pieces of all old movies that had failed. Full of punch dialogues. No story no plot. There was not even one scene that you could not predict once the so-called beginning of the plot starts. The only reliefs that this movie offered was a too-few scenes in which Vivek and Pattabhi appeared. This is again a movie that proves the fact that today’s movie contains a protagonist who does the scenes which when done by comedian are refused by people.

Even my friend lost patience and asked whether we could return back to his room. But this time I don’t want to retreat and I insisted him to stay and fight like a soldier. And in the epic showdown, we completed watching this movie to the end. A sense of relief came to us when we were leaving the complex, when we heard a comment, which stated that every one who came to this movie has missed the other movies of this complex due to some reason. So we are not the only people who are cursed but we belong to a group of cursed people and this brings some smiles on me. I hope in the evening show rate of illegal tickets will be less than that of the legal ones if the complex wants to run this movie.

But even still I recommend everyone to watch this so-called great movie and the join our group of cursed people.

Come and share our pain.